Top Five Holiday Cigar and Beer Pairings

With colder weather and the holidays upon us you may find yourself looking for ways to relax and enjoy the time off of work. While holiday parties, shopping, and other traditions may make a good winter season, why not try something new and settle in for an exquisite smoke and a fine drink? But instead of the usual pairing of cigar and whisky—or port or cognac—why not change things up a little and sample a fine stogie with an equally fine beer? It might sound a little blue-collar but a fine Dominican Robusto paired with a rich craft beer will bring a smile to the face of even the most demanding bon vivant. Both make for great explorations into the increasingly vast array of cigar and craft beer options available on the market. Here are five beers and cigars that when had together will create a fantastic union of flavor. So grab a bottle, call a friend, settle in, and stoke the fire. And if anyone complains about the smell, just close the door—or ask them to join you.

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