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Book Review: Screw Business as Usual by Richard Branson

The ubiquitous billionaire is back with a well-timed manifesto

Screw Business as Usual
By Richard Branson
Penguin Portfolio
$26.95; 384 pages


Richard Branson has an enormous head, both anatomically—his dome is sizable—and figuratively: His ego arguably has no rival in contemporary capitalism. Shameless name-dropper though he is, stories he tells about other people often end with a story about Richard Branson. One gets the sense that his professional life has been an extended circus act designed to generate publicity for his Virgin empire and to keep from getting bored. To list only a few of Branson’s stunts, he has jumped off a hotel wearing a tuxedo, driven a tank through Times Square, kite-surfed with a nude woman on his back (in front of cameras, of course), and dressed as abride. He might be the richest clown on earth.