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Are Road Use Fees Just Too Creepy to Work?

Paying for roads based on usage makes intellectual sense, but so far drivers are unconvinced that tracking their movements would ever be OK
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In theory, there is a simple solution to the nation’s backlog of needed road projects and the declining value of fuel taxes: drivers should pay a user fee. We should all chip in to our collective coffers according to how many miles we drive, not how many gallons it takes to get where we’re going. Such a system would level the playing field between the Prius and the pickup and more fairly distribute the costs of up-keeping shared resources. The more you use roads, the more you help pay for them.

The idea has just one hitch: people are creeped out by it. Or, more precisely, as Trey Baker has found among many drivers, especially in rural areas and from older generations: "There is just this immediate visceral hatred of the concept that you’re going to put something in my car," he says.