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Surviving White-Collar Prison

Whether you’ve evaded taxes, committed fraud, or been involved with Galleon, a federal prison sentence means new ways of doing business

You’ve experienced a career setback. But there’s good news: You’ve been deemed not to pose a violent threat! This means you can take showers in relative peace. With the right preparation, you’ll be in a halfway house before you know it. If you run away, the Bureau of Prisons may not even chase after you. However, you’ll be considered a fugitive—you might find life in hiding to be less pleasant than in here.
01. Cell Life
First, settle into your cell. The more accessible bottom bunks are coveted over top bunks at minimum-security prisons. (At high-security prisons, the higher bunks are prized, since they offer better protection from assault.) Generally, seniority rules, but to obtain one, you can claim medical reasons.

Your day begins around 6 a.m., with lights out around 11 p.m. That’s 17 conscious hours to fill, only some of which will be consumed with meals, work, and prisoner counts. Instead of staring at the wall, you should make an effort to conduct a busy, goal-oriented life in prison to cope with the tedium and isolation.