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How to Blow the Whistle

I was fired in 2003 as a quality assurance manager at GlaxoSmithKline after unsuccessfully pushing the company to fix manufacturing flaws at a Puerto Rican plant. In 2004, I sued Glaxo under the False Claims Act, which lets citizens sue on behalf of the government and share in any recovery. Six years later, Glaxo paid $750 million to settle my suit and a criminal case, and I was awarded $96 million from the federal recovery.

Potential whistleblowers must give the company every chance to fix the problem. They’ll try to determine if you’re a troublemaker and may compartmentalize you or cut your duties. You’ll be O.K. if your heart’s in the right place and you truly want the fraud to stop. If the company still won’t do the right thing, hire a good attorney.