The Inspector General Will See You Now ...

Securities and Exchange Commission
David Kotz
He criticized the agency for failing to catch Bernie Madoff and for an unseemly “revolving door” between officials and the private sector.
Housing and Urban Development
John McCarty (Acting)
New to the job. In dozens of separate audits of the federal government’s largest housing grant program, his predecessors found the agency failed to oversee contracts.
Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)
Christy Romero (Acting)
She succeeded Neil Borofsky, who left in March. He called the federal government’s massive loan modification program ineffectual.
Agriculture Dept. (USDA)
Phyllis Fong
In March she gave a no-confidence vote to the agency’s Food Safety and Inspection Service’s flawed testing program for E. coli in beef. The IG faulted safety procedures in slaughterhouses three years prior.
Health and Human Services
Daniel Levinson
He provoked the ire of Big Pharma by threatening to prevent executives of companies that were convicted of health-care fraud from doing business with the government.
Department of Defense
Gordon Heddell
In August he said the Army cut corners and skipped tests on $2.5 billion worth of body armor.

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