In My Time: The Index

In My Time
by Dick Cheney
with Liz Cheney
Threshold Editions 565pp; $35.00


Bremer, L. Paul
nonmention of, 1-565

Chalabi, Ahmed
nonmention of, 1-565
Cheney, Richard Bruce
“a firm believer in America,” 526
Christmas a “family time” in Cheney household, 178
deficits, national, nonimportance of $4.9 trillion increase during Bush-Cheney Administration, 502
DUIs of, (see also, Bush, George W.), 30, 38, 51-2, 157-8
celebrates President Gerald Ford’s leaving office with a Big Mac at Andrews Air Force Base McDonald’s, 108
elk, hunt of, interrupted by Iran-Contra scandal, 143
falls “full on, mouth-open, snoring asleep” during Cabinet meeting, 194
fishing trip interrupted by Soviet coup against Gorbachev, 229
great-great-grandfather’s participation in Sherman’s scorched-earth campaign in Georgia, 13-15, 156, 227, 304, 505
heart attacks of, 119, 150, 263, 293
modesty of, 92, 115, 153, 259-265, 284, 301, 417
“needless to say, not pleased” about cost overruns as Defense chief, 237
platitudinousness of, 1-565
pet Labrador Dave’s attempt to eat Presidential dog Barney at Camp David not viewed upon with favor by Barney’s owner, 338
presses wrong elevator button in Pentagon, stranding self in basement, 159
“really conservative,” 264
screamed at by Nelson Rockefeller for allegedly sabotaging sound system during 1976 GOP convention, 81
self-congratulation of, 38, 60, 94
skepticism of Nixon-era wage and price controls after Texas hatchery drowns 43,000 baby chicks, 62
undisclosed locations of, 337
(see also McDonald’s)
takes young daughters to Civil War reenactments, 57
Vietnam War, deferment from, but “would have been happy to serve in,” 36
Yale, multiple flunkings-out of, 26, 8,154, 156-7, 263
Edwards, John
“a less than serious senator,” 425
Environmental Groups
despicability of, 316
“Evil, Axis of”
nonmention of, 1-565
Gingrich, Newt
aggressive style not Cheney’s “personal cup of tea,” 131
Gorbachev, Mikhail
inadvertently insults, 167
is unimpressed by, 167
Gore, Al
mendacity of, 281
retraction of 2000 concession speech an “amateur hour,” 290
when all said and done, not a total dickhead, 303
Iraq War (see also “Mass Destruction, Weapons of”)
Democrats and liberals all in favor of, 366, 392-3
would do it again, 364
Katrina, Hurricane
“no doubt we could have done things better at all levels,” but local elected officials still incompetent fools, 432
Kissinger, Henry
goes ape when Cheney (DC) meets with U.S. ambassador to Warsaw in 1975, 84
tells DC that troop withdrawals are like “salted peanuts. Once you start, you can’t stop,” 43
Laffer, Arthur, economist
draws famous “Laffer Curve” on a cocktail napkin for DC, 78
Leahy, Senator Patrick
told by DC on Senate floor to perform quaint anatomical impossibility on self after Halliburton swipe, 262
Libby, Scooter
nonmention of role in securing Clinton pardon for client Marc Rich, 303
“grave error” of Bush for nonpardoning of, 410
lying to Valerie Plame grand jury not quite explained by, but whatever, 410
McCain, John
weird behavior of, 359
truly weird behavior of, 509
Media, general contempt for (see also, Post, Washington; Times, New York; Clymer, Adam) 88, 176, 238, 251, 274, 352, 495
“Mission Accomplished”
nonmention of, 1-565
Obama, Barack
announcement that as President will close Guantanamo prison within a year, 355So?, 520
Palin, Sarah
nonmention of, 1-565
Paulson, Henry
dry heaves of during 2008 financial crisis, 506
Powell, Colin
as chairman of Joint Chiefs during Desert Storm, more comfortable talking about poll numbers than recommending military options, 185
as Secretary of State, a disappointment, 425
bad ideas of, 380
two-facedness of (“it pains me to note”), 407-8
Putin, Vladimir
soul of seen through eyes by Bush approvingly, 326
soul of seen through eyes by DC with utter loathing, 326
rudeness of to Polish people, 428
Rice, Condoleeza
disastrousness of as National Security Advisor, 449
even worse disastrousness of as Secretary of State, 474-489
gullibility of in dealings with North Korea, 473-485
triggers entire Valerie Plame scandal, 405-6
Rumsfeld, Donald
brilliance of, 41-42
canniness of, 63
formidability of, 443
handsomeness of, 1-565
loyalty of, 1-565
nonsufferance of fools by, 420-484
rents camels with in Cairo, 55
responsibility for DC’s career, 51
advice to bomb nuclear reactor of ignored, 471
Israelis do it anyway, 472
Tenet, CIA Director George
“amateur hour out at CIA,” 403
calls evidence of Iraqi WMD “slam dunk,” 395
wimpiness for resigning before critical report on intelligence failures, 416
effectiveness of, 344
entertainment value of, 345-565
Whittington, Harry
resemblance to quail of, 250
superiority to Washington of, 1-565

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