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Charlie Rose Talks to Mitt Romney

The Republican Presidential hopeful stacks his job creation plan up against Obama’s—and talks about trade, taxes, and China

What’s the essential difference between your approach and President Obama’s jobs plan?
The President’s plan is another short-term stimulus effort, akin to throwing a cup of gasoline on embers. What America needs is a more fundamental reform of the foundation of our economy to stimulate growth, investment, and hiring. The plan I’ve proposed is far more fundamental and far-reaching than a mere stimulus.

You’ve defended Social Security and were behind a new health-care plan as governor of Massachusetts. What do you see as government’s role?
The primary role of the government is to encourage the innovation and risk-taking and entrepreneurship of the American people. Of course, government plays a role in establishing regulations that are modern and updated to capture the bad actors but also encourage the innovators. And government can play a role in opening markets for American goods, in maintaining a stable currency, in establishing education systems that provide our people with the skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow. So government plays a role, but the role is limited to creating the conditions which allow the private market and individuals to pursue their dreams and thereby build our economy.