Forum Exclusive: Q&A With Bain Recruiter Mark Howorth

Among MBA grads from top business schools, a job at the global business and strategy consulting firm Bain & Co. is one of the most coveted. If you've dreamed of working at Bain, then you don't want to miss your chance to get the ear (or at least the reading eye) of Mark Howorth, senior director of Bain's Global MBA Recruiting, who is based in Los Angeles. He will be fielding questions about MBA recruiting and hiring from readers on the Bloomberg Businessweek Business Schools Forum from June 3 to 17.

Bain typically receives more than 5,000 résumés from advanced degree holders but can only hire hundreds for full-time consultant and summer associate positions. Even though the company accepts résumés from about 50 MBA programs worldwide, it usually hires only from about half of them. The company says it expects double-digit hiring growth in the near future.

To ask a question about anything from what the company looks for in a hire to the kinds of projects newly minted MBAs take on, head to the Business Schools Forum and look for the folder labeled "Forum Exclusive: Q&A With Bain Recruiter Mark Howorth" at the top of the page.There you can post a message with your question.If you're not a member, you'll be prompted to become one and create a login and password.It should not take more than a few minutes.Feel free to write Francesca Di Meglio at if you have questions or concerns about participating.

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