Work Cycle


Giant Twist Freedom DX: It resembles an ordinary city cycle, except that the gizmo hanging over the back tire is a lithium-ion battery. The harder you pedal, the more juice the battery gives, which means you'll be able to ride faster, further, and longer. $2,250,


Blackburn Flea 2.0 USB + Solar: These lightweight LED lights, which last for three hours, mount to your handlebars. If you don't have a USB port on hand for recharging, a solar charger is available. $30,


Contour GPS: Use this helmet cam to shoot HD video while tracking your location with GPS. You can record video, upload it to a laptop, and see exactly where you cartwheeled over that three-inch curb. $350,


POC Trabec: The helmet combines Aramid fibers with EPS foam to mimic the human skeleton. Unlike the usual bike type that sits on your head, the Trabec wraps around like a skateboard helmet. $179,

Nav System

iBike Dash + Power: Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to the device and navigate your ride while measuring power, speed, elevation, wind speed, and quad- ravaging hill slopes. $749,


Delta Airzound: This ridiculously powerful (115-decibel) air horn can be recharged with a bike pump. It satisfies U.S. Coast Guard requirements, so it should work in rush hour traffic. $40,

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