The Perfect Brown Bag Lunch

The Want: The perfect healthy lunch that's filling and won't stink up your cube.

The Get: "The ideal lunch would consist of a whole-grain, two servings of veggies, some sort of protein, and a little bit of fat," says Dr. Jamie Kane of New York health clinic Park Avenue Medical Weight & Wellness. Start with 100 percent whole-grain bread. Then add one protein (turkey, tuna, hummus); at least one vegetable (lettuce, sprouts, cucumber); and one fat (Italian dressing, avocado, low-fat cheese). Pack carrots and cherry tomatoes, too. "I recommend a piece of fruit with each meal," adds Kane. A fiber-rich apple has natural sugars that can stand in for dessert. And drink lots of water—it'll fill you up.

Food Pyramids

Stackable substitutes for zip-lock bags and the paper sack

Two Tiers

The Black + Blum Box Appetit has two layers of dishes, a fork-knife, sauce pot, and optional place mat/bag. $22 at

Three Tiers

Slip this Ojue bento box into a briefcase or laptop bag. The three containers stack vertically, and it comes with a set of chopsticks. $45 at

Four Tiers

The seven-inch-tall Happy Tiffin Latch LunchBox has a spill-proof top level and an integrated plate. $20 at

Five Tiers

The Oots! Deluxe Lunchbox carryall fits five containers, holds a drink, and comes in a variety of colors. $40 at

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