The Office Wine Chart

1. Expensive-tasting Pinot Noir

Bourgogne Domaine Parent, 2008
Burgundy, France, $19

An excellent Burgundy at any price. Perfect for when you need a good generic gift—but one that will win you points for being able to pluck a gem from the wine store rough.

2. Expensive Pinot Noir

Nuits St. Georges ler Cru Les Murgers, Domaine
Sylvain Cathiard, 2008, Burgundy, France, $100

A wine with huge aging potential like this one promises you'll be remembered when the bottle is taken out of the cellar—or at least when they Google the price.

3. Expensive-tasting Riesling

Eins Zwei Dry Riesling, Leitz, 2009
Rheingau, Germany, $16

Memorable for its punny name, this wine says more about you than the recipient: You'll look particularly omniscient since German Rieslings are the wines of the moment.

4. Expensive Riesling

Wittmann Morstein Westhofen GG Riesling
Trocken 2008, Rheinhessen, Germany, $90

The explosive intensity of this dry Riesling (the greatest white wine varietal, according to some) will impress people who really know about wine—or at least think they do.

5. Expensive-tasting Sparkling Wine

Lucien Albrecht Cré d'Alsace
Rosé Brut, Alsace, France, $20

This sparkling wine has more taste per mouthful than many bottles at three times the price. The recipient will be too impressed to bother investigating the cost.

6. Expensive Champagne

Bollinger Rosé Champagne, NV,
Champagne, France, $100

This complex bottle proves you really understand your champagnes—and grasp the magnitude of the occasion for which you're giving the gift.

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