MBA Journal: A Rotman Revival

The group of students that filed into the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management (Rotman Full-Time MBA Profile) to resume classes this week after 12 glorious days of freedom were barely recognizable as the same group that had exited those doors less than two weeks earlier. Gone were the pallid, drawn faces, sweat pants, unbrushed hair, and wearied expressions. The standard reply to inquiries into one's well-being just two weeks ago—a dramatic, melancholy sigh followed by "hangin' in there," or something to that effect—had been replaced with far merrier responses. Classmates regaled one another with tales of their holiday exploits, the doom and gloom of December now a distant memory. Several peers remarked that I looked "fresh," which I gratefully interpreted as a sign that I no longer resembled Gollum's lesser-known, equally scraggly sister. Overall, 2011 was off to a brilliant start.

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