The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

David Letterman

The former weatherman at Indianapolis's WLWI once warned viewers about impending hail "the size of canned hams."

Diane Sawyer

Today she's the esteemed anchor of ABC World News. In the late '60s she was the "weathergirl" for WLKY in Louisville.

Bob Iger

In the early '70s the Walt Disney (DIS) chief was a weatherman at an ABC affiliate in Ithaca, N.Y. In his words, he was "not a good one."

Raquel Welch

Before she was Raquel Welch, she was Raquel Tejada, the weathercaster for the morning Sun-Up show on San Diego's KOTV in the early '60s.

George Carlin

The comic's big break occurred in the '60s as Al Sleet, the "Hippie Dippie Weatherman," on The Ed Sullivan Show.

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