The Office Shawl

The Want: A shawl you can keep in your drawer for when the weather—or the AC—acts up. It should be soft, medium-weight, and a neutral color that matches any outfit. No girly prints, please.

The Get: Lord & Taylor's Cashmere Wrap ($79.99). This cover-up will go with everything in your office wardrobe, from a blazer to jeans. It's wide and long enough to wrap in a variety of artful ways—or you can just throw it over your lap like a blanket. It's also elegant enough to cover your bare shoulders when you're decked out for a splashy after-work cocktail party.


Four simple, office-friendly ways to wear your wrap

The Supervisor Sling: Drape the shawl around your neck with the ends hanging down. You can wear the shawl just like this, or you can keep one end at one-third length and wrap the long end around your neck once.

The Boardroom Braid: Fold the shawl in half length-wise, forming a loop. Wrap the shawl around your neck by pulling one end through the loop. Twist the loop to create a second loop. Pull the second end through the second loop.

The Corner Office Cowboy: Fold the shawl in half length-wise. Fold it in half again diagonally. Now it will look like a handkerchief. With the triangle in front, wrap the ends around your neck, then tuck them underneath the fabric in front.

The Head Honcho Hitch: Drape the shawl around your neck. Take one end of the scarf and make a loose knot about halfway up. Take the other end of the scarf and pull it over and through the knot. Adjust by tightening the knot.

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