The Lonely Hearts Clubs

Farmers Only targets farmers, rural dwellers, and country folk whose interests include crops and livestock. Full-blown membership rates start at $15 per month. Midwestern founder Jerry Miller says his site, which is built around homespun values, has tallied more than 150,000 members and spawned 1,000 marriages since 2005.

The Ugly Bug Ball

If you're an ugly seeking an ugly, then (TUBB) is for you. Since Howard James founded the U.K.-based site in August 2010, more than 63,000 self- proclaimed "aesthetically challenged" people have signed up worldwide. TUBB charges a $19.95-per-month, all-access fee. The site celebrated its first engagement in October.

Beautiful People's $19.95 monthly fee allows users—admitted based on their looks—to interact with its 700,000 global members. The site, launched by Greg Hodge and Robert Hintze in 2002, has generated more than 500 hottie marriages and 300 good-looking babies. It also has cut around 5,000 members who packed on pounds around the holidays.

We Waited

In keeping with the site's religious orientation, screens to ensure that its more than 4,400 members are virgins. Founded by Christians Lety and Jose Colin, a couple who waited until their own marriage, less than a third of applicants are approved for "standard membership." The site also encourages members to connect on Second Life.

Geek to Geek

Nerds and dorks need love, too, and according to Chicago-based, preferably from their own kind. Using its own special matching system, the Web destination caters exclusively to geek interests, which the site claims "just aren't the same as most people's." So far, founder Spencer Koppel's formula has drawn 200,000 self-declared geeks.

Gothic Match

If your turn-ons are dressing in period-style clothing and listening to The Cure, is the place for you. Members pay upwards of $15.95 per month for access to forums about death and vampires. Its parent site,, also hosts such sites as,, and

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