Summing Up the Parts

Tim Cook, Chief Operating Officer: Runs the show when Steve's away. A workaholic and walking spreadsheet with a rep as a cost-cutting wizard. Shrugged off overtures from HP to become CEO

Jony Ive, Senior VP for Industrial Design: Jobs looks to Ive to envision Apple's products. It's up to the engineers to build the devices affordably

Ron Johnson, Senior VP for Retail: The Target alum has made Apple's stores the world's most profitable. At most companies, he'd probably be CEO by now

Scott Forstall, Senior VP for iPhone Software: Oversaw creation of the iPhone's operating system and App Store. Brash, brilliant, good on stage at Apple events

Phil Schiller, Senior VP for Worldwide Product Marketing: Sweats product details, then figures out how to promote them. Known as "mini-me" for his ability to push Jobs' vision

Bertrand Serlet, Senior VP for Software Engineering: Oversees the development of the Mac OS—while avoiding the product delays and disappointments that have plagued Microsoft. Has been with Jobs since the old days at NeXT

Jeff Williams, Senior VP for Operations: Tim Cook-esque in logistical expertise (and appearance). Promoted to senior VP soon after "Antennagate"

Bob Mansfield, Senior VP for Mac Hardware Engineering: Filled the void left by departure of iDevice hardware chief Tony Fadell. Appearing onstage more frequently

Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer: Since becoming CFO in 2004, has helped Apple grow its pile of cash to nearly $27 billion, despite shareholder calls for a dividend

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