Introducing Bloomberg Government

Editor's Letter

Imagine a product that quantifies the impact of legislative action, executive decisions, and policymaking on companies, industries, and markets with real-time context and perspective. That's Bloomberg Government, or BGov, a new online service by the people who brought unparalleled analysis, data, and news to financial markets.

BGov is for executives who need to know what the government did today and how it will affect them tomorrow. BGov is for government officials in Washington, those who work to influence them, and anyone whose business benefits from immediate insight that discerns the cost of government actions.

Inside this special section of Bloomberg Businessweek, we've assembled a sampling of the intelligence that BGov offers on its paid-subscription website. We've focused this package on the federal regulatory agenda for 2011 and beyond. We examine industries—health care, energy, defense, technology and telecommunications, finance, and transportation—as well as trade, taxation, and labor.

This array of smart stories and engaging graphics will give you a taste of Bloomberg Government's exclusive and original work, which is compelling content that you won't find anywhere else. BGov builds a bridge of understanding between Washington and Corporate America, which should help government and business do their important work better.

I invite you to peruse this section and then log on to Bloomberg Government. You'll find us on the Web at

Bloomberg Government

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