The Daley Chronicle

August 1993

Having helped deliver Illinois to candidate Bill Clinton in the 1992 election, he is tapped by the President to overcome House Democratic and union resistance to the North American Free Trade Agreement. Nafta passes in November 1993 by a 34-vote margin with the support of 102 Democrats and 132 Republicans.


He becomes Secretary of Commerce in the second Clinton Administration and helps push legislation that clears the way for China's entry into the World Trade Organization.

June 2000

Trailing by 25 points in the polls, Al Gore hires Daley to chair his faltering Presidential campaign. Daley also helps manage the Florida recount for Gore, who later says he might have won the election had Daley joined the campaign earlier.


Telecommunications company SBC hires Daley as president, mostly to help lobby for favorable regulation. A month after the Illinois legislature adopts a 2003 bill favorable to SBC, a federal judge rules the measure anti-competitive and contrary to federal law.


Joining JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Daley oversees lobbying and the bank's Midwest division. Under him, JPMorgan opposes a standalone consumer financial protection agency and stringent derivatives rules.

Data: Bloomberg

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