Missing Persons

George W. Bush, former President, brush-clearing enthusiast: During two terms, Bush spent 487 days at Camp David and 490 at his Crawford ranch. One-third of his Presidency was thus spent "working from home."

Lindsay Lohan, delinquent actress: After she often no-showed during the shoot of 2007's Georgia Rules, the CEO of production company Morgan Creek sent a letter chastising her for such lame excuses as "heat exhaustion."

Manny Ramirez, MLB superstar: Playing for the Red Sox in 2003, he was out sick during a series against the Yankees. Though not sick enough to stop him from socializing with the Pinstripes' Enrique Wilson at the Boston Ritz-Carlton bar.

Jimmy Cayne, former CEO, Bear Stearns: The Bridge Grand Master famously departed for a tournament as his firm—and its nearly $400 billion in assets—flirted with bankruptcy and sent Wall Street into chaos.

Jack Phillips and Harold Bride, radio operators, Titanic: The duo were tasked with handling radio messages for the ship's 2,220-plus passengers. Unfortunately, they didn't heed significant iceberg warnings.

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