Miles' Clients Analyze Him

Stephen Elop, CEO, Nokia: "You go into these meetings saying, 'yeah yeah yeah, we'll see how well this goes,' but he was adding value within the first five minutes."

Marius Kloppers, CEO, BHP Billiton: "He's fearless in a soft but determined sense." Brian Dunn, CEO, Best Buy "Steve understands that human pathology doesn't change."

Shantanu Narayen, CEO, Adobe: "He has these funny sayings like, 'If the horse is dead, you have to dismount' that can become part of your vocabulary."

Stephen MacMillan, CEO, Stryker: "He cares about my success, not his own."

Steven Loranger, CEO, ITT: "Steve's not in here fixing things. He's trying to make great people better."

Hikmet Ersek, CEO, Western Union: "[When I was] a newcomer to Corporate America, he helped me build my network."

Richard Sanders, partner, Permira: "He has this slightly disarming, almost boyish, manner that makes people trust him."

David Crawford, chairman, Foster's: "My advice to him is to take some time off and go fishing."

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