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LimoLand: 'Johnny' Pigozzi's Fashion Pitch to Old Rich Men

One recent afternoon, Jean "Johnny" Pigozzi, the globe-trotting art collector and entrepreneur, greeted a young couple as they walked into LimoLand, his new clothing boutique in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. "Hello, hello," he said brightly in his deep, somewhat incomprehensible pan-European accent. One member of the duo was wearing a neon green backpack reminiscent of the glaring colors that define Pigozzi's fashions. The satchel caught the French-born Italian mogul's attention—but not for the right reason. As the pair shuffled past him, Pigozzi lowered his voice to a whisper. "These kids will not buy anything," he said. "I know the people who buy. If they have a backpack, they don't buy."

Pigozzi goes to extreme lengths to know just who buys. He keeps a close eye on LimoLand—his first boutique dedicated exclusively to his clothing line of the same name—even when he's not there. Four surveillance cameras positioned around the 750-square-foot store allow Pigozzi, 58, to observe the business from, alternatively, his villa in the South of France, his spread in Panama, and his apartments in London, Paris, Geneva, and Manhattan. Although he's been in the fashion business only a few years, he's already profiled his core customer. "Old men? Very good!" he says. "A 45-year-old with a bald spot? Excellent." Pigozzi has created his unsubtly titled collection with a specific buyer in mind. "I'm really interested in R-O-Ms," he confesses. "Rich. Old. Men."