In the West Bank, Taybeh's Palestinian Oktoberfest

After years of trouble, a brewery in a Christian enclave is increasing sales to Israelis and Palestinians alike
Oktoberfest featured grilled lamb, hip-hop, and plenty of beer Xinhua/Zuma Press

The second Intifada, Nadim Khoury says, may have been the low point for his family's business. As owner of the only brewery in the West Bank, though, he has faced plenty of other troubles even without the years of violent insurrection. There's the disdain that many of his Muslim neighbors have for alcoholic beverages. There are the Israeli checkpoints where beer can spoil as delivery trucks wait for hours under the hot Levantine sun. There's the lack of any outside financing for such an unlikely enterprise. "We are running this business against all odds," says Khoury, 51, who with his brother, David, 15 years ago started Taybeh Brewing in Taybeh, a town of about 1,600 residents 20 miles north of Jerusalem.

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