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Starbucks' New Portal: Designed with Mobile in Mind

Starbucks (SBUX) is taking a tip from its users and designing its upcoming Web landing portal, Starbucks Digital Network, to be optimized first for mobile devices instead of traditional Web browsers.

Adam Brotman, vice-president for digital ventures at Starbucks, spoke at the Think Mobile conference today, emphasizing how the new site will shine on smartphones and tablets, which account for the vast majority of connections to Starbucks' free Wi-Fi network. Brotman explained how the site will be built in HTML5, will respond to touch and swipes, and will be optimized first for iOS (AAPL), Android (GOOG), and BlackBerry (RIMM) devices. This is a huge change from companies that traditionally optimize their websites for Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer (MSFT) and expect users to view them on a PC or laptop.