Bloomberg Global Poll Stats


Bloomberg Global Poll respondents who named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the leader pursuing the best policies for investment. Chinese President Hu Jintao was named by 58 percent, while President Barack Obama was chosen by just 32 percent.


Bloomberg Global Poll respondents who named China and Brazil as the best markets in which to invest. India was close behind, named by 31 percent. The U.S. came in at 24 percent. Investors had listed the U.S. higher than all three emerging markets in a June poll.


Bloomberg Global Poll respondents who gave Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke a favorable rating. A majority, 57 percent, also said the Fed's policies have been about right.

Data: The Bloomberg Global Poll, conducted Sept. 16-17, is based on a random sample of 1,408 Bloomberg customers who are investors, traders, and analysts on six continents. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.

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