Cutting the Cord

Apple TV (Web-to-TV interface box): Apple recently cut the price to $99 and added streamed movies from Netflix and 99 cents TV shows to rent. For true Apple fans, it will also stream movies from an iPhone or iPad to a TV. Roku's video device works similarly.

Xbox 360 (Game consoles): Gamers can switch from blasting aliens to streaming movies from Netflix to their TVs, watching ESPN's Sports Center, or renting TV shows. Sony's Playstation 3 and Nintendo's Wii offer similar Web streaming.

Sony Bravia TV (Internet-ready TV): Like the newest models of most TV makers, Sony's connects to the Internet wirelessly to allow downloading of shows from Amazon and streaming of Neflix films. On the horizon: streamed Sony movies before they hit DVD.

Samsung Blu-ray disc (Internet-connected DVD player): Many Blu-ray players priced at less than $250 now offer easy-to-connect access to the Internet. Samsung's newest models offer movie rentals from Blockbuster and video streaming from Netflix via Wi-Fi.

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