Fantasy Football for Dummies—or Novices

1. Easy on the Quarterbacks

Many inexperienced team owners think quarterbacks are key. However, "you need only one or, at most, two quarterbacks," Berry says. "You want multiple running backs and wide receivers." This year, draft an elite wideout somewhere "in the first three rounds."

2. Read the Rules

Berry claims one of the biggest mistakes made by fantasy newbies is that they "don't know whether they get a point for a reception, or if they play two running backs or three, or how they get free agents. There are so many permutations, and it really does affect strategy."

3. Sabotage Your Co-Workers

Since most team owners rely on similar information, Bliss recommends rearranging the player rankings and then "accidentally" leaving a few dozen ranking sheets around the office. It's one way to convince a colleague that this may be Jason Campbell's year.

4. Don't Be Conspicuous

The right amount of time to play at the office? "One minute less than what will get you fired," Berry claims. And don't forget the first rule about playing fantasy football with your boss: Always let your boss win. "It's easier to find another league than another job."

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