The Call of the Wild

With more than 280 million mobile subscribers in America, our addiction to cell phones is influencing our behavior. Consumer electronics reviewer Retrevo's Gadgetology Report, which regularly surveys thousands of Americans of all ages on their feelings about technology, shows cell phones are even affecting our most prurient moments.


People who would willingly suspend sex to check an electronic message or take a call on their cell


iPhone owners who have dumped someone by text or e-mail—the modern Post-it note of relationship insensitivity


iPhone owners who admit to watching adult material on their phones; 10 percent of BlackBerry users admit the same


People who think children should receive their first cell phone between the ages of 9 and 12


People who check their Facebook or Twitter account during the night or as soon as they wake up


iPhone owners who find out-of-date gadgets a "turnoff"

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