How a Teacher Gets Graded—and Paid

20% Planning and Preparation:

• Demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy

• Demonstrating knowledge of students

• Setting instructional outcome

• Demonstrating knowledge of resources and technology

• Designing coherent instruction

• Designing student assessments

20% The Classroom Environment:

• Creating an environment of respect and rapport

• Establishing a culture for learning

• Managing classroom procedures

• Managing student behavior

• Organizing physical space

40% Instruction:

• Communicating with students

• Using questioning and discussion techniques

• Engaging students in learning

• Using assessment in instruction

• Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness

20% Professional Responsibilities:

• Reflecting on teaching

• Maintaining accurate records

• Communicating with families

• Participating in a professional community

• Growing and developing professionally

• Showing professionalism

Data: Hillsborough County Public Schools

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