Heroes of the Zeroes

Stephen Schwarzman

The Blackstone CEO is described by Lane as the "king of private equity" and the "poster child of decadence." This despite his "salt-and-pepper comb-over appropriate for a man soon to turn 60."

John Paulson

The executor of one of the greatest trades of all time gets little love from Lane, who writes: "For all the sparkle of his wealth, he had the charisma of an accountant."

Lenny Dykstra

The scrappy outfielder turned bloated derivatives guru collaborated with Lane on a glossy financial advice magazine catering to pro athletes. According to Lane, Dykstra's "wanton spending" scuttled the project.

James Simons

The Berkeley PhD, says Lane, stayed "true to his alma mater, lost his job with the Defense Dept. for opposing the Vietnam War" before making billions through his fund, Renaissance Technologies.

Steve Cohen

Dubbed "the Greta Garbo of the markets," "a freak of nature," and "the fleece-clad queen bee," Lane says Cohen "represented everything to aspire to." By which he meant oodles of money.

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