The Pursuit of Appyness

Beach Buddy, 99 cents

Why wait until you've made the trip to find out the water's cold? This app provides water temperature, wave heights, and rip current warnings.

Sun Alert, $1.99

When you enter your skin type, sunscreen SPF, and location, Sun Alert figures out how much exposure is safe—before you figure it out the hard way.

Tide Clock, 99 cents

Plan your trip according to the tide. This app checks a beach's high and low tide— and even the moon phase.

Weber's On the Grill, $4.99

Barbecue king Weber's app is a mini-encyclopedia of grilling basics and expert tips, plus recipes for sauces and rubs.

Beach Finder, 99 cents

Check a database of 5,300 beaches in North America from your phone. A separate app searches British beaches.

Weather Radar, $2.99

Are those clouds headed your way or passing by? This app gives you a live radar image from the National Weather Service covering your location.

Beach Safety, free

Between rip currents and jellyfish, beaches can prove dangerous. This app tells you how to avoid one and how to treat stings caused by the other.

Safe Seafood, 99 cents

Given the presence of contaminants like mercury in fish, this app is particularly useful in picking seafood that is both healthy and environmentally sustainable.

Ships Ahoy! 99 cents

Want to know which oligarch owns the superyacht that just sailed by? Take a picture with your phone's camera to find its name, size, and speed.

Surf Watch, $9.99

This app tracks data from floating buoys around the world and can notify you when the surf is up at your favorite spot.

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