Behave Yourself

Retirement Savings

Problem: Not enough people participate in employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

Solution: Automatically enroll workers in savings plans and let them opt out if they wish. While many large and medium-size companies already had moved to automatic enrollment, the Administration in September issued guidance to make it easier for millions of small businesses to do so.

Higher Education

Problem: Too few children from modest-income families go to college.

Solution: Remove minor roadblocks: For instance, simplify financial aid applications. The Administration a year ago cut the number of questions on the standard financial aid form and this year is allowing online applicants to upload information directly from their federal income tax return.


Problem: Unhealthy diets contribute to an obesity epidemic and increase health-care costs.

Solution: The Food & Drug Administration is weighing rules for front-of-package food labels. One idea: star ratings for nutritional value. Three stars mean very healthy; one star signals high fat, sugar, or caloric content. The FDA has not decided whether to go with guidance or mandatory rules.

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