Corrections & Clarifications

"Like Candy from a Baby" (Features, June 21, 2010)

"Like Candy from a Baby" (Features, June 21) erroneously identified Richard Kimball as a manager at P.S. Capital Holdings. He was a manager at its successor, the Millennium Technology Venture Fund. The article also said the hit taken by Jacob "Jacob the Jeweler" Arabo on two movie ventures recommended by Kenneth Starr was $1.4 million out of a total of $13 million lost; the figures should have been $2.7 million and $13.9 million.

"A Problem Like LeBron" (Opening Remarks, June 21, 2010)

"A Problem Like LeBron" (Opening Remarks, June 21) failed to note that the immediate reason David Boies left the law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore in 1997 was a disagreement over a conflict-of-interest decision—not compensation. The story also should have said that James "can't" receive more than 30 percent of a team's salary cap.

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