Finding Money in the Gulf Mess

5.5 million. Feet of boom deployed

$1,500. Weekly earnings of man who makes ID badges at BP's response center in Louisiana

70 hours. Work week for Energy Dept. cleanup teams

$1.43 billion. Amount BP says it has spent on oil spill cleanup as of June 10

$55,000. Cost of a truckload of MOP Environmental Solutions' oil-absorbent material

75,000. Gallons of oil MOP Environmental says can be absorbed with a truckload of its material

1,200. Number of Fluor contractors cleaning beaches in Alabama

$2,200. Day rate for boat and crew in St. Bernard Parish

$300. Day rate BP is paying deck hands on boats it leases for cleanup

22%. Increase in the stock price of Clean Harbors, an environmental cleanup firm, since Apr. 20

$53-$70 million. Clean Harbors' expected additional revenue this quarter from Gulf work

225+. Number of spill-related lawsuits filed against BP in 11 states

$14 billion. Credit Suisse's estimate of claims against BP

39. Miles of barrier islands to be built to block oil slick

$360 million. Budget to dredge sand and build barrier islands

$40 million. Value of Nalco's Corexit dispersant chemical sales for Gulf cleanup through late May

$325. T+T Boat Rental daily rate before the spill

$450. T+T Boat Rentals daily rate now

6. Number of Prestige Products' employees before getting BP's contract

80. Prestige Products' workforce now

50. Number of additional workers Prestige Products wants to hire

12,000. Number of feet of boom Prestige Products produces each day

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