More Graduates, More Job Seekers

It's graduation time at colleges around the world, and the job market is a little more welcoming to 21-year-olds than it was in the depths of the recession. Still, graduates are struggling to find their place in the workforce, with high rates of unemployment and underemployment in the industrialized world. Here's a sampling.


A survey by the National Association of Colleges & Employers found that 24.4 percent of 2010 college graduates who applied for a job have one waiting after graduation, up from 19.7 percent last year.


According to a joint survey by the labor and education ministries, the employment rate for students who graduated in March is 91.8 percent, a 3.9 percentage point drop from last year and the lowest rate since 2000, when 91.1 percent of graduates were able to find work.


The Human Resources & Social Security Ministry hopes to place 70 percent of the graduating class by July and aims to push that figure to 80 percent withinthe year. Last year 68 percent of the graduating class was placed by July 2009 and 87 percent within the year.

Great Britain

A survey of 16,000 students by High Fliers Research found that of the 55 percent of final year students who have already applied for positions, 15 percent have received offers so far, slightly above last year's rate.

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