The Umbrella

The Want: A high-quality, handsome portable umbrella that fits in a briefcase, can stand up to wind, and has a decent circumference. Bonus points for swanky fabric and a fashionable knob. In short: Looking for a long-term relationship, willing to pay for it.

The Get: Oertel makes a pocket umbrella ($120 at with polished ribs, brass rivets, and nickel-plated tempered steel that enables it to keep its shape no matter the gale force. The canopy has an unusual deep curve to keep your head and shoulders dry. The woven glen check is attractive, and the handle is Canadian maple.

The Royal Treatment

For a bespoke umbrella, consider Swaine Adeney Brigg, Prince Charles' maker of choice.

Costliest umbrella: $1,500-plus.

Wind-defying feature: Yorkshire steel.

Time it takes for a custom order: Up to 12 weeks.

Antitheft device: Screw-off handle.

Singin' in the Rain or Rihanna? "Rihanna's all right, but our clients aren't as up on their R&B," says employee Timothy Lord.

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