'Ten Hut! Military Leadership Lessons for B-Schools

It's long been accepted that the business school experience can be a highly effective way of shifting military, naval, and air force officers into corporate life.After all, even though it's now five years old, the Korn Ferry report "Military Experience and CEOs: Is There a Link?" suggested that ex-service personnel who come through the system can make quite successful business leaders.At the time, S&P 500 companies run by individuals with a service background were clearly outperforming their competitors.But is this evidence that business schools are teaching the soldier, sailor, and fighter pilot everything they need to perform in the commercial world, or could it be that they have more than a few lessons to pass on themselves? Particularly since Scott A.Snook, an associate professor at Harvard Business School (Harvard Full-Time MBA Profile), has claimed the U.S. Army is "one of the best training institutions in the world."

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