Expanding Your Mobile Marketing Vision

With more than 276 million mobile subscribers in the U.S., the mobile marketing opportunity is real and it’s here for your company right now. But as you consider how your small business can take advantage of this opportunity, it’s important to remember that the mobile world is not a one-trick pony. It’s quite the opposite. When you examine the numbers and the success rates of current mobile campaigns, channels such as SMS and mobile Web immediately emerge as two great places to start. In fact, for many businesses those two avenues will be the extent of their mobile marketing efforts. For others however, the answer may lie elsewhere.

For example, did you know that according to comScore, more than 27 million mobile subscribers accessed a social networking site or blog through their phone in last month? The fact is that more and more consumers are looking to the mobile device as the entry point into their social world and by launching a branded social media page on Facebook, consumers have a chance to engage with the brands they care about as well as other brand devotees, all from their mobile phone.

If the social media avenue isn’t for you, perhaps your business needs a mobile application that can be rolled out to those app-starved iPhone, BlackBerry, or Nexus One users. As of last October, the Apple App Store had passed more than 100,000 applications, with more than two billion downloads—a number which we simply cannot ignore. Many of these applications are powered by brands looking to further ingrain themselves into the lives of consumers.

Recently I read an article which stated that "the era of the PC’s dominance is officially over" and that we have "crossed over into the age of mobile computing." As a marketer I can’t agree more. The question is: What is your organization doing about it?

Ivan Braiker CEO Hipcricket Kirkland, Wash.