Is It Time to Mobilize Your Business?

The eyes of the mobile world are focused on the battle between Google and Apple. While many of us are busy comparing device features and the depth of App Store offerings, something has been overlooked: The world has become more centered on mobile, and businesses need to mobilize their marketing campaigns now.

According to wireless advocacy group CTIA, there are more than 276 million mobile subscribers in the U.S.—89% of the population. Take a closer look at the following numbers and you will find that people are using mobile phones for more than phone calls.

• Some 1.25 trillion SMS messages were sent in 2008 (CTIA).

• The mobile Web audience has grown at a steady clip, increasing by 34% to nearly 57 million users, as of July 2009 (Nielsen).

These numbers point to one thing: Mobile is arguably the most powerful marketing medium and the time to move is now. With that in mind, look at your options. As with any medium, mobile is not a one-size-fits-all world. Ask yourself what your business goals are. Do you wish to identify and cultivate brands loyalists that you can engage time and time again?

If so, you may want to launch an SMS campaign and create permission-based mobile databases and a mobile customer program. You may also want to consider a mobile coupon or gift card campaign. Perhaps you are looking to launch a mobile Web or a WAP destination site that provides customers with on-the-go information about your business, such as store locations and hours.

With the mobile universe expanding and with your customers following suit, the time to move is now. These are just two examples you can put in place now.

Ivan Braiker CEO Hipcricket Kirkland, Wash.

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