Google's Angels

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In this week’s issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Kimberly Weisul and Spencer Ante report on the cadre of Google veterans plowing their cash into startups:

More than 40 ex-Googlers have invested in about 200 fledgling companies since 2005, according to the research firm YouNoodle and reporting by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. At least a half dozen current Google executives, including CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are also financing young companies. Numerous angel-watchers say the Google group has more in common than just pedigree. Unlike many venture capitalists, the Googlers like to swap investment ideas and back startups together. They’re also willing to take big chances.

Also check out this graphic by Ronald Plyman showing the web of interrelated Googler investments, and a slide show and interactive table showing the top angel investors in technology. Among the headline names: Jeff Bezos, Caterina Fake, Chris Dixon, Max Levchin, Reid Hoffman, and many more.

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