Steps to Reduce Printer Waste

Printing supplies are expensive. Reducing printer waste not only reduces the cost of supplies, but also makes your office more environmentally friendly. A no-cost way to reduce printer waste is to adjust the printer and document settings when you are setting up new desktops and PCs. Here are some suggestions:

1. Reduce margins. Change the default margins on documents to a half-inch or less to get more text on every page, which can significantly reduce paper usage.

2. Use both sides. If your printers support it, set the page layout default to two-sided printing to cut your paper usage in half.

3. Eliminate unnecessary pages. Ensure that cover pages or separator pages, which unnecessarily use paper, are not used.

4. Use "draft" settings. Encourage your users to use "draft" print quality—which uses less ink and prints more quickly—especially for documents being printed for reference purposes.

5. Facilitate electronic collaboration. Make sure critical content is easily accessible by employees. One way to do this is to store such data on a centralized server that simplifies online sharing and electronic document review.

Jim Lippie President Staples Network Services Lawrence, Mass.

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