Introducing TED Fellow: Cesar Harada

Cesar Harada is the coordinator of Open_Sailing, the open-source group developing the International Ocean Station. Having studied many different forms of design in many different areas of Europe, he is currently working as designer and researcher on the Flexible Marine Energy Converter at the University of Southampton. He remains most interested in working on open, collaborative projects such as Open_Sailing, which won an ARS Electronica grant in 2009.

How exactly do you plan to change the world?

I cannot change the world alone. The world is changing, the world is changing me. I observe and invent strategies to resolve the issues I can reach at my scale. With Open_Sailing, we are trying to develop the International_Ocean_Station as an open-source project, investigating a new type of marine architecture to enable ocean and climate studies, life-saving at sea, sustainable aquaculture, off-grid renewable energies, the civilian internet…
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