Introducing TED Fellow: Sarah Jane Pell

Sarah Jane Pell describes herself as

Sarah Jane Pell describes herself as “an artist-researcher interested in new choreographies, technologies and philosophies related to human aquatic arts, and undersea habitation and occupation.” As the Founder and Director of Australia’s Aquabatics Research Team, she has established “aquabatics” as a new form of performance art. She is currently working as a commercial diver in Macquarie Harbor in Australia to prepare as crew for the Atlantica undersea colony expedition, which will begin on August 2nd, 2010.

How exactly do you plan to change the world?

By exploring the art of human performance behavior and limits underwater and its relevance to human performance and architectures outer space and in analogue extreme environments, to best prepare human beings for sustainable and responsible long duration habitation on our planet and the spaces beyond.
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