Weekend Links: Wal-Mart and Target to Create Smaller Stores

Wal-Mart and Target told analysts they are creating smaller stores that could fit in the heart of densely packed cities where they have no presence, Nicole Maestri reports on Reuters.

It’s a $22 billion industry in the U.S. that’s becoming increasingly sophisticated. Bill Saporito, writing in Time, profiles one of the car-recycling pioneers in Detroit.

On NPR’s Planet Money blog, Chana Joffe-Walt offers a day in the life of a Haitian textile boss.

A better way to get a better page rank. Steve Strauss explains the virtues of search engine optimized video in a column he wrote for AmEx’s OPEN Forum.

You can’t read this one, but you can watch it. Mary Mazzio’s documentary about inner city students involved in NFTE’s business plan competition airs on SuperBowl Sunday on BET.

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