Socialize Yourself

With the boom of social media sites, advertisers have been given another great way to tap into already existing markets and build on current conversations. With more than 300 million active users on Facebook, small businesses can easily tap into these communities to spread their message with minimal effort. By simply building a page for your company and connecting with friends to develop a community, you can start to trigger customer conversations.

Internally, we’ve also found that Facebook in particular can be great in advertising and marketing for job opportunities. By utilizing your current employees and their network, you gain a low-cost (or no-cost!) way to get the word out about your company to a segment of people who are already open to the dialogue. Other social media tools like Twitter and the blogosphere at large are great ways for marketers to find customers who are talking about your company or people interested in your space. A quick search of Twitter (perhaps of your competitors or your leading product) can help businesses cull a list of consumers who are already predisposed to caring about what’s going on with your organization.

These tools are free—and best of all, they do wonders for bringing you closer to your customer and helping you engage with them.

Mike Cassidy CEO Undertone Networks New York

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