So Goes January SO Goes The Year – Hope not

Of the 82 Januarys in the history of S&P 500 from 1929 (through 2009), 52 have been positive and 29 have been negative. Of the 52 gains, 42 were positive for the entire year and 9 were down (1947 was flat). Of the 29 January’s that were down, 18 of those were down for the year and 11 were up. The result is that 60 of 81 (74.1%) Januarys ended the full year in the same direction as it opened, and 21 did not (25.9%). With this January down 3.70%, the odds are not with us, but that didn’t stop last year when January was 8.57% down and the year posted a 23.45% gain.

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