The Importance of Employees and Advisers

Even the best business concepts will not flourish without the right team to support them. Make sure your team members have the right mix of experience and skills and are in the right positions to support the goals of your company. In addition, make sure you outline clear expectations, set appropriate guidelines, and provide solid incentives to achieve your business goals—not just to survive, but to ensure your business thrives.

If you are the sole employee of your business, make sure you’ve got advisers to support you throughout every phase of business growth. Don’t go down the path alone, since businesses are rarely successful without support from the business community. Who is a part of your community and what advisers do you have that will provide you with honest, valuable input to ensure you grow and develop? Make sure your advisers have expertise beyond yours, so they can truly add value. In addition, make sure you meet with them on a regular basis as your business develops and grows, especially during those rough patches that all businesses experience.

Beth Goldstein President Marketing Edge Consulting Group Boston

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