IDEO Alumni Begin To Lead. Move Over McKinsey

I’ve been tracking a few alums from IDEO recently and it’s clear they are starting to lead major institutions around the world. Bill Moggridge, of course, co-founder of IDEO, is about to take over as director of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

And Mat Hunter, a former partner at IDEO, has just been appointed Chief Design Officer for the British Design Council. Jeneanne Rae, founder of Peer Insight, a major services innovation consultancy, is an IDEO alum.

And so is Alex Kazaks,whom I met in Singapore recently at a Design Thinking symposium. Alex is now at—guess—McKinsey! He’s helping with their innovation and customer insights practice.

Let’s graph the movement of IDEO alums out into the world. If you know of other IDEOers who have left the sanctuary of creativity, let me know and we’ll plot their movement. This could be fun and perhaps important.

McKinsey’s exodus of alumns to public organizations and private corporations reinforced a culture (and a set of tools and methods) of efficiency, choice and incrementalism. IDEO’s exodus of people could reinforce a culture of opportunity, new options and iteration. This could be very significant. I’d love to see an IDEO alum in the West Wing.