Brett Ratner, the Trailer

1969Ratner is born in Miami Beach to 16-year-old Cuban Jewish mother, Marcia Presman, and Ronald Ratner, the son of a wealthy businessman. He is raised by his mother and maternal grandparents, who now live with him in Beverly Hills.

1990Ratner, then studying film at NYU, persuades Steven Spielberg's company to back Whatever Happened to Mason Reese, a short about a child actor.

1992Ratner breaks through as the go-to director for Def Jam music videos.

1998Rush Hour, an action comedy starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, grosses more than $240 million worldwide.

2006X-Men: The Last Stand sets the record for the largest Memorial Day Weekend opening of all time.

2008With video gamemaker Activision as a first client, Ratner founds Brett Ratner Brands.

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