I am A Member Of The Glimmerati

My good friend Helen Walters, who edits the Innovation & Design channel at Business Week, told me that I was part of the Glimmerati. It was the holiday season so I said she was pretty glimmering too. But no, Helen was talking about the book, Glimmer—How Design Can Save Your Life And Maybe Save The World, by Warren Berger.

I’m honored to be part of any list of 50 design thinkers that includes Stefan Stagmeister, Cameron Sinclair, David Kelley, Steve McCallion, Michael Graves, Don Norman, Yves Behar, Irene Au, Emily Pilloton, Michael Graves, Davin Stowell, Roger Martin, Tim Brown, Michael Beirut and many more.

Thank you Warren for including me. Sorry I blew it by not getting the book in the fall. I’m heading out now to buy and read it.

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